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Farm to Fork: Europe's food retailers and wholesalers act  sustainably

Every day, food retailers and wholesalers take action, demonstrating their strong commitment to sustainability. They cooperate with farmers & other partners, promote sustainability & healthy lifestyles, and support sustainable practices. You will find below some of the sector's examples supporting the Farm to Fork strategy



Food retailers and wholesalers have, over the years, invested in supporting local farmers and food suppliers in offering choice to consumers and encouraging sustainable as well as local production. Schemes such as dedicated supplier networks, tri-partite contracts and voluntary initiatives help address emerging trends and often include a direct reward to farmers investing in these changes. Furthermore, retailers and wholesalers help their suppliers enter new markets in the EU and support them in scaling up.

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Food retailers and wholesalers work closely with their suppliers to meet changing consumer demand. We grow the market for sustainable and healthy food, most notably through our private label products. We are leading the way in providing nutritional information to consumers and introducing product reformulation and are very active in informing consumers and nudging them towards a wide range of more healthy and sustainable products. We are frontrunners in providing tailored information and using digital technology to inform consumers in ways which suit their interests and lifestyles.

Food retailers and wholesalers take action to support sustainable operations through sector or company initiatives, reducing resource use and the environmental impacts of our operations. We innovate on packaging, help consumers and suppliers reduce food waste and phase out chemicals.

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